Ganga Anaesthesia Refresher Course 2022

  • Workshop : 5th May 2022   |   Time : 8 am to 4 pm   |   Reporting time 7.15 am
  • Conference : 6th, 7th & 8th May 2022 | Conference Inauguration 8 am
  • Venue : Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore

Academic Partners

Scientific Program

Day 2: 6th May 2022 (Friday)
7.00 am   Registration starts
7.45 am 8.15 am Devotional Songs by Dr GVSL Anuradha, Kakinada
8.15 am 8.30 am Conference Inauguration by Dr J.G. Shanmuganathan, Chairman, Ganga Hospital
8.30 am 8.50 am Protocols and Guidelines - Prospects and Pitfalls Speaker Dr S Ramesh Chennai
8.50 am 9.10 am Preoperative Investigations: where are we now? Speaker Dr Anju Grewal Ludhiana
9.10 am 9.30 am Poor functional fitness: Is it a new comorbidity and should we treat it? Speaker Dr Senthilkumaran UK
9.30 am 9.50 am Xray Chest: Demystifying for Clinical Decision Speaker Dr Naman Shastri Ahmedabad
9.50 am 10.10 am Perioperative and Critical Care Echocardiogram: Insights Speaker Dr G D Puri Chandigarh
10.10 am 10.30 am The Physiologically difficult Airway Speaker Dr J V Divatia Mumbai
10.30 am 11.00am David & Goliath: Lessons for us Speaker Dr S Rajasekaran Coimbatore
11.00 am 11.20 am Tea Break
11.20 am 11.40 am Stat caesarean sections: Redefining decision delivery intervals Speaker Dr Sunil T Pandya Hyderabad
11.40 am 12.00 pm Anaesthesia and Analgesia for Geriatric Hip Fractures: Lessons Learnt Speaker Dr Sandeep Diwan Pune
12.00 pm 12.20 pm Anaesthesia for Bariatric surgery: How to Navigate Safely? Speaker Dr Jayashree Sood New Delhi
12.20 pm 12.40 pm Paediatric Fluid Therapy: Current thinking Speaker Dr Aruna Parameswari Chennai
12.40 pm 1.00 pm Continuous Spinal Anaesthesia in High Risk Patients: My insights Speaker Dr Amjad Maniar Bengaluru
1.00 pm 1.15 pm Local Anaesthetics: which one to choose? Speaker Dr S Balabhaskar Bellari
1.15 pm 1.30 pm 6 Minutes walk Test: Lessons Learnt from Liver Transport Program Speaker Dr Subramanyam Mahankali Bengaluru
1.30 pm 1.45 pm High Quality Anaesthesia: A Measurable and Achievable Goal? Speaker Dr Shishir Chandrasekar Bengaluru
1.45 pm 2.00 pm “One step towards life is enough to deceive death” Speaker Dr Hitendra Mahajan Nashik
2.00 pm   Lunch on Wheels
Depart to Isha Yoga Centre (Reach Sarpa Vasal / Isha Yoga Practises / Linga Bhairavi / Nadha Aradhana / Laser Show - Adhi Yogi Divya Darshanam / Satvic Dinner)
8.30 pm   Depart ISHA YOGA CENTRE
Day 3: 7th May 2022 (Saturday)
7.00 am 07.20 am Isha Yoga Practises
7.20 am 7.30 am Multiple Intelligence and Anaesthesiologists Speaker Dr J Balavenkatasubramanian Coimbatore
7.30 am 7.40 am Examination reforms to create an Ideal Anaesthesiologist Speaker Dr Bhimeshwar Guntur
7.40 am 7.50 am How to progress in your career Speaker Dr J V Divatia Mumbai
7.50 am 8.00 am “Multitasking: is there a preferred prescription?” Speaker Dr Vrushali Ponde Mumbai
8.00 am 8.10 am Airway Guidelines 2022 ASA: what do they imply to the airway manager? Speaker Dr Anju Grewal Ludhiana
8.10 am 8.20 am Management of PDPH in Obstetrics: A paradigm shift Speaker Dr Sunil T Pandya Hyderabad
8.20 am 8.30 am ICU Management of Covid: Our experiences Speaker Dr G D Puri Chandigarh
8.30 am 9.00 am Breakfast
9.00 am 9.20 am Private Practise in Paediatric Anasethesia - Nuts and Bolts Speaker Dr S Ramesh Chennai
9.20 am 9.40 am The Cath lab: Pushing the limits in cardiac care Speaker Dr Vijay Shetty Mumbai
9.40 am 10.00 am Difficult Airway: Time for conceptual change? Speaker Dr Apeksh Patwa Vadodra
10.00 am 10.20 am Advance Indications for Supraglottic Airway Speaker Dr Amit Shah Vadodra
10.20 am 10.40 am Raising the standards of Excellence in Obstetrics Anasethesia Speaker Dr Sunanda Gupta Udaipur
10.40 am 11.00am “Metaverse in Health Care: A new era in Anaesthesiology” Speaker Dr Tushar Choksi Vadodra
11.00 am 11.20 am Tea Break
11.20 am 11.40 am Anaesthetic Implications of Robotic Surgery done in Trendlenberg Position Speaker Dr Lakshmikumar Kochi
11.40 am 12.00 pm Human Errors in Anaesthesia: Whose fault it is anyway? Speaker Dr Hemant Shinde Mumbai
12.00 pm 12.15 pm Can New Age Technologies in Neuroanaesthesia Replace Awake Craniotomy? Speaker Dr Dheeraj Masapu Bengaluru
12.15 pm 12.30 pm “Impact of Anaesthesia & Hospitals on environment” Speaker Dr Karunakaran Ramasamy Qatar
12.30 pm 1.00 pm ONCOANAESTHESIA: Panel Discussion Topic: Recent Trends in Oncoanasethesia
Session Lead Dr Rakesh Garg New Delhi
Panelists Dr Anjum Joad Jaipur
Dr Vibhavari Naik  Hyderabad
Dr Jyotsna Goswami Kolkata
1.00 pm 01.20 pm Diagnosis Feast-Sudden Drop in EtCO2? Speaker Dr Hetal Shah Ahmedabad
1.20 pm 2.00 pm Lunch
2.00 pm 2.15 pm Social Media: Use it to Better your Life Speaker Dr Murali Thondebhavi Bengaluru
2.15 pm 2.30 pm Mobile Phones in Operating Room Speaker Dr Nilesh Naphade Ratnagiri
2.30 pm 2.45 pm 3D Printing Technology and its application in Medicine Speaker Dr Amjad Maniar Bengaluru
2.45 pm 3.00 pm “Live young, live free” Speaker Dr Tanmoy Das Kolkata
3.00 pm 3.15 pm Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Organizational Excellence Speaker Dr Manisha Katikar Sholapur
3.15 pm 3.30 pm Chronic Pain in Obstetrics Speaker Dr Sandeep Kulkarni Pune
3.30 pm 3.40 pm IRC: My vision for our nation Speaker Dr Chakara Rao Kakinada
3.40 pm 4.40 pm Panel Discussion: “How to break the bad news?“
Moderators Dr Ramesh Chennai
Dr Anju Grewal Ludhiana
Panelists Dr Yatin Mehta New Delhi
Dr Sudhakar Koppad Bengaluru
Dr B Sunita Rao Australia
Dr Anjali Bhure Nagpur
Dr S S Harsoor Bengaluru
Dr Banambar Ray Bhuvanveshwar
Prof Avatar Singh Ludhiana
4.40 pm 5.00 pm Tea Break
5.00 pm 5.15 pm Shivanjali's Temple of Fine Arts presents "HeArt Strings".
5.15 pm 6.00 pm “Dr V Ravindra Bhat Oration”: Evolving Holistically: An Anaesthesiologists Perspective Orator Dr Yatin Mehta New Delhi
6.00 pm 6.30 pm Presentation of Hall of Fame Award
6.30 pm 7.00 pm JAM Competition
Jury Dr Avatar Singh Ludhiana
Dr Sunanda Gupta Udaipur
Dr Bhimeshwar Guntur
Dr Anju Grewal Ludhiana
Dr S Balabhaskar Bellari
7.30 pm Onwards   Entertainment & Banquet @ Hotel Hash 6 adjacent to Ganga Hospital
Day 4: 8th May 2022 (Sunday)
7.00 am  7.20 am Yoga Practises
7.20 am 8.30 am Regional Anaesthesia: Video session: How I do it?
7.20 am 7.30 am PNS Guided Lumbosacral Plexus Speaker Dr Himjyoti Das Shillong
7.30 am 7.40 am USG Modified 4 in 1 block Speaker Dr Ritesh Roy Bhuvaneshwar
7.40 am 7.50 am PNS Guided above Clavicle Block Speaker Dr Javed Khan Indore
7.50 am 8.00 am USG Brachial Plexus Block: Above Clavicle Speaker Dr Archana Areti Pondicherry
8.00 am 8.10 am PNS Guided Infraclavicular Block Speaker Dr Hetal Vadera Rajkot
8.10 am 8.20 am USG Femoral Nerve Block Speaker Dr Sachin George Kochi
8.30 am 9.00am Breakfast
9.00 am 9.20 am Anaesthetic Management of patient for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Speaker Dr TVS Gopal Hyderabad
9.20 am 9.40 am Negative Pressure Pulmonary Edema Speaker Dr Ranjith Karthikeyan Chennai
9.40 am 10.00am “Depressurised, Evidence and Algorithms for Managing Intracranial Pressure” Speaker Dr Swagata Tripathy Bhuvaneshwar
10.00 am 10.15 am Anaesthesia for Non Transplant Surgery on a Transplanted Patient on Immunosuppression Speaker Dr Joyshankar Jana Pune
10.15 am 10.30 am Anaesthesia Critical Incidents and Simulation Speaker Dr Vaibhavi Upadhye Pune
10.30 am 10.45 am Interview Skills and Exposure to Advance Training Speaker Dr Navneet Sinha Australia
10.45 am 11.05 am Organ Donation after Circulatory Death - Unexplored Territory. Feasibility and Possibility in Indian Context Speaker Dr Chidanandaswamy Brunei
11.05 am 11.25 am Tea Break
Moderator Dr S S Harsoor Bengaluru
Dr S Balabhaskar Bellari
11.25 am 11.35 am What happened to me when I was promoted as Associate Professor? Speaker Dr Sudeesh Bengaluru
11.35 am 11.45 am Training Postgraduates in Regional Anaesthesia: the way forward Speaker Dr Vandana Mangal Jaipur
11.45 am 11.55 am Grade Approach to QOE and recommendations Speaker Dr Pradeep Dongare Bengaluru
11.55 am 12.00 pm Expert comments from Moderators
12.00 pm 12.45 pm Role of Ultrasound in Intensive care unit Speaker Dr T A Patil Bengaluru
12.45 pm 1.00 pm Palliative Care: Expand your Horizon as Anaesthesiologist Speaker Dr Balaji Asegaonkar Aurangabad
1.00 pm 1.15 pm Fast Tracking in Paediatric Surgeries Speaker Dr Mahesh BV Kakinada
1.15 pm 1.30 pm Patient on Antithrombotics coming for surgery. Case based learning and Discussion Speaker Dr Annie Thomas Kochi
1.30 pm 1.45 pm Paediatric Neuraxial Block - How Safe is it? Speaker Dr Gayatri Bengaluru
1.45 pm 2.00 pm Advancing Bioreactance based SV guided fluid management monitoring: Evidences and patient outcomes Speaker Dr Gaurav Saxena Manager Medical Affairs,
Baxter, India