Ganga Anaesthesia Refresher Course 2018

  • Workshop: 28 June 2018   |   Time: 8 am to 4 pm   |   Registration Open from 7 am
    Conference Inauguration: 29 June to 01 July 2018   |   Registration Open from 7 am
  • Venue: Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore

JAM Competition Session Just A Minute Session


  • Open to all delegates, the junior most postgraduate to the senior most anaesthesiologist
  • Participants have to spaek for 1 minute on their chosen topic
  • One slide allowed
  • Particpants are requested to kindly mail their choice of topic related to anaesthesia or anaesthesiologists , along with their mail id and Mobile number to
  • An expert panel will choose the winner
  • An exciting prize awaits the winner

Registered Speakers for JAMMM Session so far:

  • Dr Kiran Bhingarde, Kohlapur Topic : "Save as many lives as you can"
  • Dr Jagruthi Desai, Navsari Gujarat Topic : "Power of Woman Anaesthesiologists"
  • Dr V Surendranath, Chennai Topic : ANTS: Anaesthesia Nontechnical Skills
  • Dr Shailesh Mulgaonkar, Mumbai Topic :"LAST IS FIRST"
  • Dr Gayathri, Bangalore Topic : "The aspirations of young and vibrant anaesthesiologist"
  • Dr Anuradha, Kakkinada Topic : "Regional Anaesthesia in Geriatrics"
  • Dr Swati Gadgil, Mumbai Topic : "Occupational exposure to inhaled anaesthetics"
  • Dr Kala Easwaran Topic : " A versatile anaesthesiologist"
  • Dr Hitendra Mahajan, Nashik Topic : Let's be environment friendly anaesthesiologist
  • Dr Subhash Tuvar, Ahmednagar Topic : "How to make anaesthesia conferences meaningful"
  • Dr Vandana Mangal, Jaipur Topic : "Essentials of Postgraduate teaching in Anaesthesia"
  • Dr Balaji Asegaonkar, Aurangabad Topic : "Authoring a book my experience"
  • Dr B D Bande, Pune Topic : "Making India a Superpower in Anaesthesia: My roadmap"
  • Dr Madhuri Lokhapur, Pune Topic : "Pain Alleviation..the last word"
  • Dr Pankaj Gupta, Nashik Topic : "Old wine in a new bottle"
  • Dr Sanhita Kulkarni Topic : "Communication skills in Anaesthesia"
  • Dr Amarja Nagre, Aurangabad Topic : Volume Assessment is "Easy by Echo"
  • Dr Shilpa Bhojraj, Mumbai Topic : "Victor Dolore"
  • Dr Geetha, Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Trichy Topic : "Lines for Life"