Ganga Anaesthesia Refresher Course 2018

  • Workshop: 28 June 2018   |   Time: 8 am to 4 pm   |   Registration Open from 7 am
    Conference Inauguration: 29 June to 01 July 2018   |   Registration Open from 7 am
  • Venue: Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore

Mental Models - What, How and Why?

What are mental models?
A mental model is an explanation of how something works. The phrase “mental model” is an overarching term for any sort of concept, framework, or worldview that you carry around in your mind.

Mental models help you understand life.

For example,
Game theory is a mental model that helps you understand how relationships and trust work.

In this talk I will explore various important models and how you can create new important ones"

Dr Muralidhar Thondebhavi S

Consultant, Anaesthesia and Pain Management
Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore

Member, National Executive Committee
Academy of Regional Anaesthesia, India

Hon.Secretary, Karnataka Chapter,
Indian Society for Study of Pain