Ganga Anaesthesia Refresher Course 2018

  • Workshop: 28 June 2018   |   Time: 8 am to 4 pm   |   Registration Open from 7 am
    Conference Inauguration: 29 June to 01 July 2018   |   Registration Open from 7 am
  • Venue: Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore

Dr. Madhubala Joshi-Chinchalkar

NAME : Dr. Madhubala Joshi-Chinchalkar
AGE : 59

I have been working as an Anaesthesiologist, in ESIS Hospital for 31 years.

Studied in Seth G. S. Medical college and K. E. M. Completed M. B. B. S. (1981) and M. D. (1984).

With special interest in Psychology, studied Clinical Psychology. Have been associated with the field of Mental Health since 2008, along with Anaesthesia; after passing M. Sc. in Applied Psychology with first class.
In November 2016, I was selected as only doctor accompanying 36th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica by Government of India; Ministry of Earth Sciences, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research(NCAOR). I was a member of wintering team, spending a year on ice – I was based in Indian Research Station ‘Maitri’ during this period; along with Indian scientists and logistic members. In Antarctica, summer is for three months- December to February; when there is midnight sun. Winter is from March to November and the most challenging period. The continent gets cut off from the rest of the world during this period! Polar night is for 3 months, when the sun does not rise! I was awarded the title of’ Polar Woman’ for wintering in Antarctica!

I provided medical care to my team members during this period. ‘Being an Anaesthesiologist’ really helped me in handling various medical conditions like Acute trauma, Foreign bodies, I & D, medical illnesses of members; single handed on that isolated continent during winter. I was able to handle a medical emergency in Antarctica and successfully performed medical evacuation of the patient by first flight, that resumed after winter!

Indeed, It was a life changing experience!

  • ‘Basic Life Support’ training to ‘Maitri’ members.

  • Celebration of ‘World Anaesthesia Day’ in Antarctica. (Indian Research Station- ‘Maitri’- 16th October 2017)