Ganga Anaesthesia Refresher Course 2018

  • Workshop: 28 June 2018   |   Time: 8 am to 4 pm   |   Registration Open from 7 am
    Conference Inauguration: 29 June to 01 July 2018   |   Registration Open from 7 am
  • Venue: Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore

Dr. Hetalkumar B Vadera

Dr. Hetalkumar B Vadera D.A., M.D,


I decided to teach BLS/ Hands only CPR to paramedics and layperson on World Anaesthesia Day, 2015. Biggest hurdle was to get CPR manikin. So, I purchased CPR manikin and started doing BLS programs for paramedics. In April 2016, I got invitation to teach CPR in a marriage function. It was a game changer. Suddenly, everybody got interested in it. Rajkot city branch of ISA came in support. We purchased another 2 manikin and did a huge program on WAD 2016. 9 newspapers and a TV channel gave coverage for it. After that we are doing it regularly at various places like factories, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc. We have done more than 25 programs so far. Along with CPR programs, we spread awareness message about our speciality. I have prepared presentation in Gujarati, Hindi and English. Teaching CPR has saved 2 lives so far. Which we knew through feedback.


Teaching regional anaesthesia is my passion. I participated in 10 RA workshop and conferences last year.


I have created a YouTube channel to teach RA and creating awareness about our speciality. I have uploaded 100 videos so far. They are ultrasound guided blocks, PNS guided blocks and most important Landmarks guided blocks. I have recorded and uploaded 15 presentations also. There are more than 1,60,000 views on my channel and I get positive feedbacks whenever I go to some conferences.