Ganga Anaesthesia Refresher Course 2018

  • Workshop: 28 June 2018   |   Time: 8 am to 4 pm   |   Registration Open from 7 am
    Conference Inauguration: 29 June to 01 July 2018   |   Registration Open from 7 am
  • Venue: Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore


Dr. Sandhya Bhatt is one of the most affable personalities of Inner Wheel District. Svelte and tall, her South Indian roots are very visible in her attitude and attire. Simple and approachable, She is a Friend to many.

Sandhya is no different from any of us. She is a working woman like many of us are a parent like most us and is a woman to the core. Juggling life between her family and profession she faces all the stress, trauma and agony that we encounter in our lives as well. So what distinguishes her from us? Courage, iron will and commitment towards mankind.

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