Anaesthesia Refresher Course 2015 - Videos

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  • Inauguration

    Dr J G Shanmuganathan, Chairman, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore

  • Paediatric Airway Management

    Dr S Ramesh, Chennai

  • Update on USGRA

    Dr Vincent Chan, Canada

  • Antiplatelets and Anticoagulants and Regional Anaesthesia Current Evidence

    Dr Michael Barrington, Australia

  • XRAY Chest: What to see?

    Dr Subramanyam Mahankali, Bangalore

  • CT Brain: How to interpret?

    Dr Swagata Tripathy, Bhuvaneshwar

  • Hypothermia, The silent Killer

    Dr Satish Kulkarni, Mumbai

  • Endocarditis Prophylaxsis: When to give?

    Dr Marudhachalam, Australia

  • On Arrival Blocks: A welcome move?

    Dr Balavenkat, Coimbatore

  • URTI in Preanaesthetic checkup: What next ?

    Dr Rajani Sundar, Coimbatore

  • Premedication: What to give?

    Dr Anita Shenoy, Manipal

  • Pre-emptive Analgesia: Does it work?

    Dr Michael Barrington, Australia

  • Pre-Anaesthetic check-up, The best way to do

    Dr Gurudatt, Mysore

  • Work Life Balance

    Dr Murali Thondebhavi, Bangalore

  • Live Workshop on Nerve Blocks & GA

    Dr. Sekar Coimbatore

  • Epidural for Laparotomies: Interesting Facts

    Dr. Silamban Chennai

  • Live Workshop on Nerve Blocks & GA

    Dr. TVS Gopal Hyderabad

  • M2 2A

    Dr. TVS Gopal Hyderabad

  • Live Workshop on Nerve Blocks & GA

    Dr. Sandeep Pune

  • Workshop on Nerve Blocks & GA

    Dr. Sandeep Diwan Pune

  • M 14

    Prof Vincent Chan Canada

  • M 16

    Prof Vincent Chan Canada

  • M2 1A block

    Prof Vincent Chan Canada

  • M1

  • Capture-1

    Hard Disk-1

  • Capture-2

    Hard Disk-2

  • Capture-3

    Hard Disk-3

  • Dr. Sadhan Bhattacharya

    Dr. Sadhan Bhattacharya

  • M2-3&4

    Part 3& 4

  • M2 2B

    Dr Vrushali Ponde Mumbai