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This workshop is designed to equip anaesthetists with the necessary knowledge and skills to set up simulation training in their hospitals. Managing and learning from emergencies encountered in anaesthesia practice is challenging as these incidents occur without prior notice and need urgent intervention. Simulation is an ideal way to impart training formanaging crisis in such situations without putting patients at risk.

During this workshop delegates will be divided into small groups and will be supported by the members the faculty to come up with a design for a chosen scenario. The underlying human factors, cognitive processes and decision-making will be discussed during the scenario building exercise. On completion of this exercise onsite programmers will demonstrate their execution of newly created scenarios and discuss the nature of interaction between participants mannequins and the environment. Each group will be asked to design one of the following scenarios. (Supporting information will be provided)

  • Intraoperative Hypotension.
  • Cannot intubate, Cannotventilate. (CICV)
  • Local Anaesthesia systemic toxicity. (LAST)
  • Per-operative pneumothorax.
  • Blocked tracheostomy tube in patient and post-operative care unit.
  • New onset atrial fibrillation during elective surgery.

We will proceed to conduct a well-rehearsed simulation exercise. This will give the delegates an opportunity to see in action human factors and non-technical skills, which are an important part of the simulation exercise.

To conclude a workshop there will be an interactive session, which will cover Debriefing Skills.

By the end of the day you could expect to

  • Be able to design a simulation scenario.
  • Be able to conduct a simulation exercise.
  • Be able to provide a constructive feedback.
  • Have a basic understanding of how to set a Simulationcenter.

The workshop will cover aspects of clinical management in anaesthesia practice as well as non-technical elements such as teamwork, communication and human factors in a crisis situation. There will be ample opportunity for individual learning, group working, hands on practice and interaction with faculty throughout the day.

This workshop will be conducted by a team of highly experienced faculty

Dr. Senthil Kumaran,
Consultant in Anaesthestist,
Northampton General Hospital Honorary Senior Lecturer,
Medical Education Leicester University UK.
He is one of the founding faculty at the hospital's Medical Simulation Centre.
Dr. Prashant Kakodkar,
Consultant Anaesthetist, Northampton General Hospital.
He is s Royal college of Anaesthetist Examiner and the Lead for Regional Anaesthesia Fellowship for Leicester School of Anaesthesia, UK.
Dr. Gunasekaren,
Associate Professor of Anaesthesia, Savitha Medical University.
He is actively involved in using simulation in training postgraduate trainees in Anaesthesia. He is trained in in simulation technique during his time in the United Kingdom.
Dr. Subrhamanyam Mahankali
Consultant in Anaesthesia,Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Bangalore.
Worked as a Consultant anesthetist at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - UK
Associate professor of Anaesthesia at Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences & Research Centre, India
Worked as a full time anesthesiologist and as academic program coordinator within the department of anesthesia.
Dr.Kurichi Marudhachalam,
Senior Consultant Anaesthetist and Introductory Trainee Tutor
The Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, Australia.
Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland. He is well versed with the using Simulation and is trained at the National Health education and Simulation, Australia .

This workshop is supported byLaerdal Medical Limited who will facilitate the use of their own latest generation Simulation Systems and provide technical assistance for scenario building throughout the workshop.