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27thJune, Saturday 6.30pm, Royal Palms Open Lawns

Anesthetists are constantly required to play leadership roles in their day to day professional activities. The nature of the job also requires them to be highly committed team players.

"Khel Khel Mein" - is a 90 minute fun activity session for the delegates of GARC2015. Its purpose is to help unwind from the academic sessions as well as engage in some high energy team building action.

The activities have been designed for teams to have some light hearted fun and at the same time take back some strong lessons of leadership and team building.

The simplicity of the games is to enable the participants to go back to their institutions and use the same to improve the spirit of the teams under their care.

All in all, it will be amongst one of the most entertaining and spirited 90 minutes that you would have experienced in a long time. It will also give you an informal platform to network with peers from the domain.

About the facilitators - The team lead by Mr. Pradeep Yuvaraj has 3500+ hours of experience in facilitating team building for corporates including Suzlon, TVS group, Cognizant Technology and many more. The facilitators have very strong management backgrounds and have been trained on facilitation by world class agencies including Mercuri Goldman international.