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Mehrab Irani

Author of the book
"Mad Money Journey"
a National best seller

Those interested in buying his books can do so through the following link.

"Financial Slavery to Financial Freedom - Relation between Man and Money" - By Mehrab Irani

Mehrab Irani is working as General Manager - Investments with Tata Investment Corporation Ltd. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and CFA (Level I). Mehrab is fired by an almost missionary zeal for spreading financial knowledge among investors. He is also the author of the well acclaimed book "10 Commandments for Financial Freedom". His second finance thriller book "Mad Money Journey" instantly became a National Bestseller. "Mad Money Journey" is a dazzling novel, sweeping tale of mystery and adventure, written with wit, compassion, intelligence and deep humanity, has deep revelations on the nature of man and money. He has total of 15 years experience in investment research, portfolio management, investment banking, dealing and global research on US and European financial services sector and credit markets. He has worked on both, the equity and the debt markets. He frequently appears on various business channels like CNBC, ET Now, NDTV Profit and Bloomberg TV as well as on Radio Mirchi. He writes articles for various investment and personal finance magazines, journals and online websites. He has been featured in every major financial publication. His ability to connect abstract concepts to real life situations using his powerful imagination and plethora of skills reverberates through all his work. He strongly believes that each one has some special gift or talent, that money is the single most important factor coming between man and his dreams, he wants everyone to move from financial slavery to financial freedom, reintroduce them with their dreams, make them realize their higher self, achieve self-actualization goals and answer calling of their souls.